Where to Find Travel Deals

More and more people are getting into the wild blue yonder and setting foot in new lands than ever before! Travel has become increasingly popular since 2014, with nearly 1.7 billion flights having been purchased in that one year alone, and many more since. The allure of the unknown and fascination with the wider world as a whole is just too strong to deny, but before you go to google and do a raw search for tickets from your local airport to the Caribbean for some Arr and Arr (it’s a pirate joke, get it?), why not check out some of these great sites and services to see what sort of great deals you can scrounge up for your ideal getaway!

Viv Getaway – Not well known but great deals

If you go to this link: Viv Getaway you can get some fantastic travel deals. Typically better than the better known sites. Airline tickets probably not so much. They tend to be pretty competitive. But for hotels and rental cars and vacation packages, give them a try.

Orbitz – No, Not the Gum

Orbitz.com is a pretty basic go-to website to type in your trip details in some dropdown menus and get some pretty sweet (and fast) automated plan results delivered right to your web browser. With options to search for entire travel packages, or just limit it to your flights, hotels, or extra travel needs, it’s pretty easy to use Orbitz to find some great deals in mere minutes, so long as you have a destination in mind of course – they’re not going to help you decide between sipping margaritas on a beach in Mexico or climbing the Swiss Mountains in lederhosen, so you’ll have to weigh those options yourself.

Priceline – They’ll Negotiate So You Don’t Have To!

It doesn’t take William Shatner to negotiate your prices, despite what the catchy tune of those commercial jingles goes on about. Priceline is still just as simple as the ads make it sound, though. Like Orbitz, you type your information on where you want to go or what you’ll want to do or need for travel upon arriving, and it brings up great price results for you. The difference between Orbitz and Priceline is that Priceline will directly compare its results to similar ones you would have gotten from rival competitors. That, and they have Shatner, what’s not to love?

Groupon – For more than just trendy ice cream socials!

When someone says the word ‘coupons’, one of two things usually come to mind; those reality shows about women in their mid-forties spending five to seven hours a day cutting coupons to save hundreds on bacon in bulk, or more commonly, just savings in general. Groupon is a digital coupon service that has coupons for just about everything you can imagine! And that includes travel! Signing up for their online notifications can net you some sweet deals on travel packages that you might not find anywhere else! It’s always worth a search.

Travelzoo – Travels for YOU

Take the searching power of Orbitz with the savings of a Groupon or two, and then spread it over the world – that’s Travelzoo. It has a little bit of all the best on the list sprinkled on it, a jack of all trades if you will. With deals and insight into prices all over the US, Europe, South America, Asia, and more, Travelzoo has some savings you won’t find on the usual search engines and even some savings for local cuisine. Shrimp cocktails in Vegas for under six dollars? Don’t mind if I do!

So, you see, there are far more ways to go about saving on your vacation than just a simple quick google search. It’s better to look through and compare all the offers you can get because the difference between one or two can be in the hundreds or more. And if you pass those offers up, who knows if you may have also passed up a delicious shrimp cocktail as well?